Unreal Tournament: Inoxx Pack Epic Games, Inc. 2000

All of the content in this third free bonus pack was created by Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino. It includes two texture packs and six maps. Inoxx is the Unreal Tournament developer best known for his Capture the Flag level, Facing Worlds. He has been designing levels for Epic for five years, creating fan favorites such as UT's Phobos Moon, Hyperblast, and Metaldream levels. The levels in the Inoxx pack were originally created for the main Unreal Tournament game but were not completed by the time of the game's launch. CTF-Face][ (4-12 players) - The sequel to Facing Worlds, the original Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag Map. This new version is quite a bit more intense, as the bases are 20% closer and there are more sniping spots. CTF-High (8-16 players) - This is a large, wide open CTF map that requires a good PC in order to run well with a lot of players. Try to avoid falling to the streets below! CTF-Nucleus (6-12 players) - A much tighter Capture the Flag map that takes place in an old power station. Careful when you navigate the lower passageway, as the switches in the map will cause the tunnels to electrify! CTF-Kosov (10-16 players) - Enormous Capture the Flag map. This map requires a minimum of ten players in order to play really well. Skilled players will make use of the canyon walls as defense points and alternate routes to and from the flag bases. DM-Crane (8-16 players) - Sprawling construction site arena that requires a lot of players. Beware of campers on the two cranes on either side of the map! DM-SpaceNoxx (2-6 players) - In the tradition of Morpheus comes the next wave of cool Low Gravity arena maps! Dodging will let you zip around this map quickly; be careful to not fall into the blue plasma in the center of the structure! There is also a freely available map by Inoxx not included in this that is DM-Gen][.
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Free Addon 4.8MB (uploaded by GameFront)
Free DM-Gen][ map 529kb (uploaded by Unreal Archive)
included in Full CD-Rip Game Of The Year Edition ISO Demo 420MB (uploaded by FPS Legends)
included in Game Of The Year Edition - 2CD ISO Demo 934MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Game Of The Year Edition - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.5 + Manual 302+27MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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