Unreal Tournament 2004 - XP Levels & Bonus Maps Epic Games, Inc. / Atari, Inc. 2004
Two maps were released by Epic mappers Clawfist and Nathillien through Gamespot using an installer that limited itself to Windows XP. The maps were soon redistributed by others without the installer, allowing anyone to use them. The maps in this package were ONS-Aridoom and ONS-Ascendancy. Released as separate bonus maps were: AS-Confexia - A massive vehicle-based Assault map from Streamline Studios, the creators of ONS-Torlan; DM-Forbidden - David Spalinski of Epic Games has teamed up with community mapper Warbeast this DM map set on an airship high above a city; CTF-DE-LavaGiant2 This is the only Digital Extremese UT2003 map that wasn't included in UT2004 due to collision holes during conversion. This version has the collision holes fixed and the map has been converted to support UT2004.
XP Levels (version playable in all o/s) 11MB (uploaded by Unreal Archive)
Free download: AS-Confexia / DM-Forbidden / CTF-DE-LavaGiant2 41MB/ 7MB/ 2MB (uploaded by Unreal Archive)
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