SOL: Exodus Seamless Entertainment, Inc. 2012

This space combat simulator takes place in 2500 and uses the Unreal Engine 3. Earth is long uninhabitable and humanity had to evade into space. Unfortunately the sun will die soon, and now they need to spread out even further to find new planets to settle on. The player takes the part of Commander who is in charge of the cruiser UCS Atlas - and of course the mission won't go peacefully. The plot is mostly told in dialogues between and within the eight missions. This is a space game which solely concentrates on first-person action. During the missions, Commander mans a small fighter ship and kills a lot of enemy fighters or defends bases respectively other ships. For this task, the ship has three weapon systems (cannons, rockets and a powerful MAG cannon) available. Besides this standard fare, there are two special things to worry about: a hacking mini game and flying drills which have to be defeated fast before they can destroy the mission goal. Between missions, the ship can be upgraded in three categories (guns, armor and afterburner); the number of available points change if the player fulfills a hidden bonus objective which is only revealed after beating the mission. In some missions the ship can be repaired by flying to the UCS Atlas, but this costs points in the final evaluation. It features RealD 3D, the first game to utilize the cinema 3D technology. A Collector’s Edition released later had the following goodies: a new game mode, art book, sound track, a detailed manual and a free Steam key for the base game.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
DVD ISO Demo 2.67GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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