Zeitgeist: Laser Fighter (Jupiter Strike) Taito Corporation, Kinesoft / GT Interactive Software 1996

Zeitgeist is a 3D rail shooter in which the player controls a futuristic fighter jet flying through space. The lone hero must battle multiple waves of aliens and asteroids, fly across planets and inside space stations, as well as combat large mother ships and other boss enemies. The game only allows limited movement of the jet, prompting the player to focus on targeting and destroying as much as he can on his path. The jet that has two main weapons, and a laser sub-weapon that homes into targets. Unlike most other shooters, this game does not have any power-ups. It's similar to Rebel Assault except with more freedom of movement. You control a spaceship from a third-person perspective, shooting everything in sight. The game's highlights are the excellent ship designs and great graphics, which features texture mapping, Gouraud shading, translucency, and other effects. The levels are also very well-designed-you will fly through an asteroid field in space, dogfight enemy ships inside a huge space station, and deal with gigantic end-level bosses that are very tough to beat.
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2000 Release ISO Demo 149MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Japanese Full Demo 3MB (uploaded by Supernova)
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 147MB

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