Wing Commander: Privateer - Gemini Gold Privateer Gemini Gold Project 2005

This is an open source recreation of Wing Commander: Privateer and its add-on Righteous Fire, originally developed by ORIGIN Systems. It adds full 3D spaceflight based on the Vega Strike game engine. Gemini Gold is a spin-off of the Privateer remake project code base and builds on improved resources with artwork and gameplay improvements. The goal is to provide a quality release of an OS independent high resolution Privateer game within the unique Wing Commander universe. Unlike the Privateer remake, Gemini Gold has no fan-content like buyable capships and space communists, but adds overall GUI improvements, new models, textures and sprite graphics, it boasts overhauled game balance and interaction on bases, adds malfunction of ship systems when damaged, and includes more and optimized base animations, with a printer-friendly manual.
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Free Game v1.03 320MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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