Star Wolves 2 X-bow Software / 1C Company 2006

This is the sequel to Star Wolves and it is a 3D RPG strategy game set in space. Like in the original game you control group of up to six mercenaries who work for money. The main difference is that the game now takes place in a free-roaming universe so the player can decide where to go and which missions to choose, along with a non-linear storyline. The events of the game take place six years after the events of 2226 A.D in the first game. The large corporations have to operate from the outskirts of the galaxy and the empire continues its war against the aliens. As a rule, armadas of ships are forbidden and fights take place using small squadrons, just like Star Wolves. The main character decides to return back to business and he buys a new mothership. Unlike the original game your base ship is now controlled pilots and it also gains experience and new levels, like all outer ships under your command. While completing missions as a freelance space hunter, new gear can be acquired and there are pilots to recruit. There are over 50 star systems to discover, with many new crafts and upgrades.
DVD ISO Demo 1.76GB (uploaded by Meddle)
Level Demo 286MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)

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