Battlezone 2: Combat Commander Pandemic Studios / Activision 1999

This successor to Battlezone was highly praised by the press (that was very loosely based on the classic 80's game which was one of the first pseudo-3D ones). It captivates the player with outstanding graphics (partly the fantastisc animations and structure of the bases) and varied missions. One comes as newbie on Pluto, where a station became victim of an attack briefly before. In the first 3 - 4 missions one is made familiar with the tasks and possibilities. The degree of difficulty is still small at this time but rises strongly starting from the 6th mission. If an error or a delay is made in the mission then there are practically no profits to be made. One must have fast reflexes, if one is in the hoverships and tanks. However there's also the task of keeping your command keys straight. Under fire, one must command your team members and assign them goals and build further units (also waypoints). Altogether Battlezone 2 ia a relatively balanced mixture of action and strategy through which the strong and varied story and beautiful graphics keeps one motivated in playing it. This is a good thing too because, with the substantial degree of difficulty it could put some people off. Pure shooter fans and strategists will both find things to like in this game though it helps if you like both genres. Those that do will be very pleased with this. For me, Battlezone 2 is a successful game, only the degree of difficulty was laughably high.

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Level Demo 15MB ( @ Gamefront)
Total Conversions
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Full Demo ~127MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo 595MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Patch Public Beta 105MB (uploaded by Nathan Mates)

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