Mass Effect 3: Omega Bioware / Electronic Arts 2012

Omega is the largest Mass Effect 3 add-on yet, and is “double the size” of the previous largest pack. It is the most expensive at $15 and is the third singleplayer DLC. The story follows Aria T'loak and her attempts to retake Omega from Cerberus control. In addition new enemies will be included as well as the first appearance of a female turian in the game. The "Omega" narrative follows on from the Mass Effect 3: Invasion prequel comics in which the space station is seen secured for the Illusive Man. Disturbing reports from the Citadel suggest that something big is about to go down. If our Intel is accurate, Aria is on the move. This was anticipated, as we did not expect her to sit idly by while Cerberus ran roughshod over Omega. With her biotic capabilities and well-documented mean streak, what happens next won't be pretty. Our informants believe that Aria intends to seek out Commander Shepard for assistance. We are aware of the Commander's ties to Aria, but are unclear about how deep they run. What we do know is that Aria will be relentless in her fight to take back Omega, and with the Commander at her side, she may very well be unstoppable.
included in Mass Effect 3 - Repack Full Demo + All DLCs 12.7GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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