Bid For Power BFP Team 2002

This was originally a free fan-made mod for Quake III before becoming a standalone game in 2002. BFP started out as a Dragonball Z game, and neared completion as one. They ran into legal problems and had to repopulate the universe with original things. It has fast paced deathmatch action modeled after Japanese anime. It incorporates characters, levels, attacks, sounds, music and many other aspects of anime shows and reconstructs them into the Quake III engine. It also adds to the element of deathmatch with several different types of multiplayer games including Free For All, Last Man Standing, Team Play, The Battle for the Planet, Survivor and Tournament. There is also a singleplayer story mode which can be played offline. The standalone final v5.0 contains many new features compared to the original Bid For Power mod. This package comes with over 130 characters from Dragonball Z/GT/AF (each character has his own Attacks like Kamehameha, Final Flash, etc.) and 55 maps from Dragonball Z (like Cell Arena,Budoukai,etc.), and a very easy to use Melee System.
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Quake 3 Mod - Bid For Power v1.2 ~121MB Dragonball Z Models Pack1 ~23MB *requires Quake 3 (uploaded by ModDB)
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Standalone English Bid for Power Final 5.0 2.2GB (uploaded by Quake Unity)

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