BioShock Irrational Games / 2K Games 2007

Irrational's next game which has been in design for some three years now, will be a "spiritual successor" to System Shock 2 due to their not having the rights to the franchise anymore. It uses the Epic's Unreal engine 3. The horror-themed gameplay experience takes place in a mysterious genetic laboratory. The complex is strewn with corpses and is apparently a holdover from World War II. It has only recently come back into use by the scientists circa the early 21st century, and advanced, top-secret contraptions used for arcane biotechnology experiments have been hastily bolted into the rotting walls. You'll find it inhabited by three primary "castes" of creatures - "drones," "predators," and "soldiers" -- creatures that might once have been human but are part monster. The drones' daily routine involves roving the compound in search of corpses, which they feed on, digest, and process the dead flesh into usable, recyclable genetic material and return to the complex with their harvest. Predators, which may have originally been conceived of as warriors for the mysterious scientists, have instead turned on the colony and developed a taste for drones. The extremely tough soldiers were put in place to guard drones. You'll spend a good deal of the game trying to devise both direct and indirect means of acquiring harvested DNA called "plasmids" from drones which can be injected into your body to grant a wide array of enhanced abilities--including powers that can indirectly help you take advantage of your environment like resistance to extreme air pressure or extreme temperatures. However, you'll only have a limited number of "slots" for different plasmids, and in addition, you'll be able to swap out new plasmids only by using certain one-use stations scattered throughout the complex. You will have five basic weapon classes, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles. However you won't keep picking up new guns as you go but instead will have a prototype hardware for each weapon class and end up finding or scrounging up additional upgrades for your weapons that you can use to turn a rifle into a sniper rifle for example. These upgrades can also be used for a biological scanning device you'll carry that can capture photos, like a camera. If you can capture exceptionally clear photos of specific creatures, you'll actually be able to expose their weaknesses and will grant you a bonus in battle the next time you encounter them.

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Level Demo 1.89MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Update v1.1 30MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Unprotected v1.1 DVD/9 Multi/5 ISO Demo 6.22GB (uploaded by jesuspch)

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