Disposable Heroes The Coven 1999

This is a dual Quake and Quake II Deathmatch Pack, featuring exclusive mods and maps for both games. Originally a commercial release, it was later made available for free open source download on March 18, 2000. It's by the same makers as Deadlode 2 for Quake 2. Disposable Heroes features three mods for each game, as well as 21 maps for Quake I and 35 maps for Quake II, including work by former Coven members now working at Epic Games, Looking Glass, and 2015. Highlights included the aptly named M.A.D with its over-the-top rocket launcher based gameplay, and Armourback's striking new character models, some of which are still finding their way into open source games a decade later.
Free Addons Quake 1 (dh1.zip), Quake 2 (dh2.zip), Q2 front-end (Q2fe.zip) 9+38.9+1.7MB (uploaded by Gamers.org)
included in Quake 2: Complete Gamer Add-on ISO Demo 145MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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