Blair Witch Volume 2: The Legend Of Coffin Rock Human Head Studios / Gathering of Developers 2000

This is the second of a 3-game series based on the film The Blair Witch Project. This time you are Lazarus, a Civil War soldier with a head wound who is awakened by a little girl. She disappears into the woods which her grandmother believes are haunted. As you search through the woods in the gloomy darkness you experience flashbacks of your experiences in battle in the same areas but during daylight. In both the "present" time and in Lazarus' memory - you'll have to fight with enemy soldiers, rabid dogs, and other hostile characters and creatures with weapons such as a handgun, an officer's saber (and later an axe). You also can find twana dolls that restore your health. This game is much shorter, linear and easier than the first. It's also not as scary due to the flashback scenes being in daylight. Worth playing for the story and if you want to experience more tales related to the film.
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Level Demo v1.2 ~93MB ( @
Full Demo ~332MB (made for 3DSL by Hellsgate & upped by Scaryfun) * Needs 1.2Gb free space to decompress.
ISO Demo ~736MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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