Evochron Mercenary StarWraith 3D Games LLC 2010

This is a sandbox space game. While there is a basic main mission set, it is relatively unimportant to the game: its goal is is to give the player full freedom. Possibilities include becoming a mercenary, miner or trader. One of those roles has to be selected before the game begins, but this only changes the starting location and initial ship. The latter is of course the most important tool and so the game offers various options to customize/upgrade it at special shipyards and optimize its abilities for the things to come. The universe is populated with different clans and factions. Each of the player's actions influences the reputation (tracked overall and for each of the factions) which in turn determines the NPCs reactions. For example, a friendly faction may support the player in battle. Other options are accepting missions, answering distress calls, hiring crew members of even constructing new space stations. The controls and physics are simulation oriented.
Level Demo v2.928 155MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Full Demo 222MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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