Bounce! Race Away 2010

Bounce! is a platform puzzle game, with a modern twist of the First-Person Camera. The concept is simple, yet supremely challenging. You basically have to shoot a bouncy ball into a goal. Simple you say? Well, if simple involves shooting a rubber ball around obstructions, through teleporters, off walls and through a dozen other puzzles, then this game should be a walk in the park for you. The game is designed for all ages. With rich, comic environments, plenty of bonus and unlockable features. There's more challenging puzzles the further you get in game. The game features a ton of content and is constantly updated with features including free stage packs. In-game tools are also free to use in-game, so you can even expand it with more levels or your own standalone modification. It features: 25 normal levels (over 125+ Tasks!), 3 challenge levels, and in-game mod tools to create own levels. Plus there's awards, level ratings, level statistics, 50 collectables, 4 original soundtracks, compass/range-finder, and in-game music player. In 2012, the developer made it available as freeware.
Level Demo ~74MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Freeware Game 145MB (uploaded by Trey)

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