Ace of Spades: St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack Jagex Limited 2013

Say hello to the creative shooter. It's the first-person shooter that lets you create your battleground, destroy it, then create it again. This pack takes you back to 1920’s Chicago, with new characters, maps, weapons and game modes. The new battlegrounds include the iconic locations of San Francisco’s legendary prison, Alacatraz and the mob-run streets of Prohibition era Chicago. There are six new characters for the new mobster class – two bosses and four henchmen. Each mobster carries a trusty Crowbar, sneaky sidearm - the Snub Nosed Pistol, an iconic (but extremely deadly) Tommy Gun and an eminently volatile Molotov Cocktail. Also included in this $4.99 DLC are two new game modes designed to recreate the 1920s gangster atmosphere. The first, Territories, sees players fighting to control different parts of the map, with the goal being to take control of the City. The second mode, VIP, introduces two new boss characters who need to be protected by their respective gangs whilst attempting to track down the enemy mark. When a team’s VIP is killed the team enters Sudden Death - respawns are disabled and all remaining players slowly lose health to keep the pressure up! In the Battle Builder Update, the DLC was made free, most likely because of complaints that no one played it.
Download: None currently available

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