Desperados: Be Quick Or Be Dead / Desperados: An Old West Action Game Rise Software, Sandbox Studios / KO Interactive, ValuSoft Inc. 1999

The dreaded Jesse James is in town and most folks are frightened for their lives. As you move, you notice people's frightened eyes and suddenly you realize it's you they're scared of! That's right, you command the role of Jessie James in Desperados and rob banks while building up your reputation. Three-dimensional environments surround you as sheriffs and deputies try to gun you down - after all, what sheriff wouldn't want to have a notch on his gun for the death of Jesse James! The old west is a tough place but it's every man for himself and the lawless take what they want. Desperados is a shooting gallery arcade-style game that combines the old west with the new technology of 3D computer environments. It's single-player all the way and provides you with ten levels to shoot your way through and get as much money as possible. Along the way, you pick up six shooters and various other types of weapons, such as shotguns. Each gun has only so many rounds and can only be reloaded it a set number of times. You also solve puzzles and remember bank vault combinations from scared bank tellers. In the old west, the banks are yours for the taking. If you've got the guts to shoot your way through tough-as-nails sheriffs while at the same time taking rounds from multiple deputies, then take your best shot - as well as the money!
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ISO Demo 348MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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