Doom 2: XBox Bonus Map Michael Bukowski / Vicarious Visions 2010

MAP33: Betray is a secret map exclusive to the Xbox version of Doom II, included with the Xbox Collector's Editions of Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil. It can be accessed from MAP02: Underhalls, and contains SS Nazis for no apparent reason. It was originally a 1995 level designed by Michael Bukowski, a programmer for the Doom 3 port with Vicarious Visions. Completing this level takes the player to MAP03: The Gantlet. The Xbox 360 port of Doom II also contains Betray. However, it is not accessible due to the exit switch leading to the level being inoperable in MAP02 of the port. Betray uses the music track "d_read_m" which is otherwise used as the Doom II text screen soundtrack.
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included in Doom 2 & Ultimate Doom: Xbox Bonus Levels 1MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in DOOM 3 Limited Collector's Edition & BFG Edition Wad Collection 71MB (uploaded by black_demon)

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