Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood Gearbox Software / Ubi Soft Entertainment 2005

Six months doesn't seem like a lot of time to churn out a vastly improved sequel, but Gearbox is sure aiming to try. Basically, they held back in the first game in terms of enemy artificial intelligence, because they were afraid that having players learn a whole new way of playing first-person shooters would be tough enough without having to worry about a cutthroat opponent. The German AI is a lot more intelligent than before, and it will constantly try to shift positions to prevent from being flanked. It will also spot opportunities, like an unguarded flank on your side, and move to exploit them. Earned in Blood will be closely tied in to the events in the first game as approximately 25 percent of the game lets you take part in some moments from the first game, but this time from a different perspective. You'll play as Sergeant Joe "Red" Hartsock, one of the team members of Sergeant Matt Baker again. However, this doesn't mean that you'll rehash the exact same moments from the first game, as Harstock was usually dispatched to perform different tasks during missions. The rest of the game, however, picks up immediately after the events of Hill 30 and will carry the story forward. The sequel will be set in a lot more urban-type settings, as well. If you think of Road to Hill 30 covering the first half of the D-Day campaign, Earned in Blood will cover the second half, when Allied units fought to secure the Norman countryside, to liberate French villages and towns, and to wipe out pockets of German resistance. This means a lot more war-torn settings to run around in, and the environments will be more complex than before, giving you more room, as well as options, to maneuver. Your AI teammates will draw upon thousands of different lines of context-sensitive dialogue, and they'll have different things to say as the game progresses. There's new shader effects, so now you can see sunlight glisten around the edges of a leaf and improved texture resolution. There's also new types of destructible environments, and a number of new weapons in the game as well, including a mortar that you can order your squad to man while you direct its fire, and new types of machine guns and submachine guns. There's a new cooperative skirmish gameplay mode that will let you and a buddy play together in a campaign mission, or you can create your own battle by selecting an existing map and editing the parameters, like having you play on offense or defense. You'll even have a chance to play from the German point of view in skirmish mode.
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