Clonewar 2001

This Misson pack is a version improved of the levels Clonewar_Village by Flipmode and Vicpas and Clonewar2044 by Flipmode. 1944: As a last effort to avoid the nearing defeat, the Nazis have managed to build a time portal leading to 2044. There they discovered the possibility of cloning and now they plan to send back an army of clones to change fate. Follow them and destroy the clone facility! You'll find yourself set in a pretty hostile environent and possibly reminded of quake3. This map really has a massive quakeish mood. 1 - The level ClonewarVillage was optimized with textures/common/areaportal. 2 - Added more effects on explosions (Cannons and lanterns) 3 - Added a cutscene final. 4 - Added "notebook" on gameplay 5 - Added new sounds for weapons (MG42, MP40, MauserRifle and Dynamite).
Download 29MB (uploaded by RTCW Banana)
Clonewar_Village v1.1 - Download 29MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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