Inverto (Gravitron) Defaxer 2013

Let me just quote the head of our research group Titanic George head of the Institute for the effects of gravitational fields and anomalies, "take possession of our latest revolutionary development "gravity subatomic matter control device" ("Gravitron" for short) you'll get to control of the direction and the effect of gravitational forces on matter and consciousness. Join our fearless research team, and get a chance to touch the mysteries of the universe, to seize full control of the forces of nature and conquer the universe with forces ... of your mind! think you can handle the job? please consult your local recruiter, arrive to our secret laboratory and take the test. Leave doubts behind and gain yourself a new incarnation as a researcher of the universe!". Gravitron is a first person puzzle game, with gravity-based puzzles, developed with the Unity engine. You can imagine it as a mix of "Prey" and "Portal". Game will be available for Windows and Macs, as a webplayer and is planned for mobiles (android and iOS).
Gameplay video
Alpha Update v.3 Level Demo ~33MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Alpha Level Demo (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 35MB

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