Cabela's Dangerous Hunts Sand Grain Studios / Activision Value 2004

Unlike most hunting games, here you'll encounter animals which can also kill you. There are 27 species including exotic animals like the leopard, polar bear, moose, wild boar, zebra, hyena, and impala. There are 12 different locales across the world like in Alaska, British Columbia, Colorado, New Mexico, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, among others. Each offers two hunting grounds, and each can be visited during different seasons. The three game modes include: Action zone - which pits you against successive waves of charging animals which you must kill before you head through a glowing green portal to the next area (this mode is lamely repetitive, too short, and too easy), a simulation-oriented Quick Hunt mode - where you can only shoot legal game (or other animals purely in self-defense) before any other predators get to it, and Career mode - where you can create a character, edit their ability stats, buy and sell equipment, and earn money as you complete charter hunts for a specific type of game. You can choose from an array of weapons and gear that you can carry including semiautomatic, bolt-, and lever-action rifles, as well as a few shotguns, revolvers, bows, and knives. You can use different scopes, binoculars, suitable clothing for the climate, a map or GPS unit, calls, decoys, lures, and more. The graphics are pretty good giving even cloud shadows and an animal's breath in winter, and the sounds are well done and realistic. However, be prepared for waiting around or searching for up to an hour on medium or high difficulty for the animal you're looking for to show up just like in real life.
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Full Demo ~368MB Movie Addon ~23MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 676MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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