Tank Battalion: Western Front / Tank Offensive: Western Front IncaGold / IQ Publishing 2008

This tank simulator takes us to the year 1944 - 1945, where we control a tank during the major battles of the Second World War on the Western Front, including the landing in Normandy and the Ardennes counter-offensive. We sit at the controls of both German and Allied Machinery. In total, the game gives you the opportunity to play two campaigns, each of which consists of six scenarios. It throws you on the battlefield and allows you to watch the game from a third person perspective. In the upper right corner of the screen there is a mini-radar that indicates nearby allies and enemies. In addition, the monitor continuously displays the number of points of strength and ammunition of our tank. Missions we play in different environments, including in the wilderness, in towns and in the woods, both during the day and during the night. In addition, the views beautify us sometimes with falling snow. Tank models have been designed to faithfully represent their real counterparts.
DVD ISO Demo 1.6GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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