Survival: The Last Hope enjoy Entertainment / Re:Action Games 1999

Entering the 23rd century, humans have colonized many surrounding planets in the solar system. They have enjoyed years of peaceful exploration -- until now. An unknown alien force has entered the galaxy and is out to destroy Earth, its colonies and all humankind. Your job, as Captain Jamerson Hoid, one of an elite squadron of pilots, is to wipe out this new alien threat and prevent the destruction of the human race. Only the strong will survive in Survival: The Last Hope. Featuring 30 complex campaign missions and 3dfx rendered landscapes, you are thrust into an unforgiving world of dogfights and danger. Some missions require you to think quick and take out targets without hesitation, while others require selectivity and the need to follow explicit directions. Experience the ambiance and watch the beauty of battle as you see fog, lens-flares and pulse-pounding explosions that are right out of a science-fiction film! Enjoy the action from several different action views. You can be in the cockpit for all of the close-up action or you can watch from outside your ship, gaining a wider perspective. You'll also engage many different types of enemies and structures that need your attention. Speedy fighters, giant flagships, ground turrets, and much more await your daring team of pilots. You'll have a wide array of weaponry, whether simple laser blasts that weaken the shield of an enemy or a surface-piercing, tactical missile that sends a fighter into orbit. Allowing for a 3D accelerator card as well as PC Dash and Force Feedback support, you'll be right in the game and ready to take on whatever the aliens have in store for you. Time to stay alive and survive!
ISO Demo 66MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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