Sanctum 2: Road To Elysion DLC Coffee Stain Studios 2013

Road to Elysion will be the first of four major DLC expansion packs planned for the tower-defense/first-person shooter hybrid, features new explosive weaponry, impressive tower additions and enhanced enemies, as well as an additional mysterious playable character revealing a darker Sanctum 2 storyline. It will features new playable character (the DLC storyline centers around TSYGAN, a new shadowy playable character), new weapons (two weapons have been added including the rapid-firing Gatling Laser), two new towers (including the Range Spire, that dramatically increases the range of nearby offensive towers), four brand new maps with refreshing interactive elements to add exciting new tactics to each DLC level. From new support monsters that heal and mutate the attacking horde to a brand new aerial enemy boss, players should be prepared for this heightened challenge. Customize your character even more with six awesome new perks, including a perk that gives you a pet robot that will fight for you! It will be available on Steam for $3.99. With more expansive DLC updates coming in the very near future, fans should take advantage of the Sanctum 2 Season Pass which includes all four planned expansion packs for only $11.99.
included in Sanctum 2: Complete Pack - DVD ISO Demo 2.56GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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