Cholo Ovine by Design 2005

A classic Robo-Cyperpunk adventure. Here's a great re-make using the Blitz3D engine of an old favorite. 'Cholo' is based on a memorable cyberpunk game of the same name released in the late 80's, but this time around everything has been rebuilt with new Tron-like graphics and exciting, upgraded levels. Master the droids and free your people. Cholo is a both an adventure game and first person shooter, and your goal is to free the people of Cholo city from their refuge bunkers, where they've been hiding for hundreds of years. Get ready for some serious fun as you guide your helper robot through the postapocalyptic mire. What you steer and control are robots, and theres a whole lot of them: shooting robots, slow "hacking" robots, flying ones, etc. The story is somewhat complicated and tells the story of a future world in which Jared lives. The whole story is not presented in the game, but rather in a novella, which can be read in-game or on the webpage of Cholo. This game has a huge world for you to explore. The game play is fantastic and bizarre.
Free Game (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 11MB
Free Game 11MB (@ Freegamez)

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