Climber Girl / Vertical Mission / Skalolazka / Vera Jones: la L├ęgende des sept reliques AlterLab Development / NDGames / Anuman Interactive 2007

Based on the Russian blockbuster which was on sale in august 2007, the game is about a girl, Alena Ovchinnikova (or Alene Ovchinnikovoy, not sure), who has to find an artifact that could save the world. And of course she'll find many bad guys to kill on her way to the object.
Climber Girl is a Tomb Raider clone ; you can fight with your hands or feet, or with one of the few weapons available (Beretta, Sub-Machine Gun, AK47). But the biggest similarity with Tomb Raider is both heroin have a plait... What makes the game so special is we can see it as a Climbing Simulator.
Later in February 2008, Anuman Interactive localized the game in France as Vera Jones (the new name of the girl), probably in a non Starforce version. Since Indiana Jones has inspired Tomb Raider, and since Climber Girl is the russian Lara Croft, it'd have been logical to call the game Lara Jones ;)
French DVD ISO Demo 1.14GB (uploaded by Meddle)
English Translation 25kb (uploaded by Github)

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