Great Patriotic War, The: Battle for Fatherland [Ru] Software Bug Hunter / Media 2000 2006

This is a World War II shooter, only this time, there's no gloomy underground utilities - the action takes place in the sunshine on green lawns, planted with trees and huts surrounded by a rural hinterland. Game modes include the transient single player campaign consisting of eight missions and multiplayer, where you can manually select any map. You play as a soldier of the Red Army entering the side of the German troops. Tasks in each episode, whether it's the battle for the military airport, mining area, an oil refinery, a military base or villages boils down to the capture of the four control points located on the perimeter of a small hilly location. Each such point marked by a flag needs to be turned color after standing next to it for a few seconds. For each flag, it accrues points and when it reaches around 100, the battle is won automatically. On the battlefield, we are not fighting alone. In addition to fighting enemy soldiers, there are also allies. You can not give them orders, but the bots are controlled by artificial intelligence and will seek to capture flags, but they do not seek to defend them, placing this honorable duty on the shoulders of the player. There is no ammo or health kits to be picked up. Only after a second death, you are reborn to full health, and fueled with ammunition.
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