Clusterball Daydream Software / RealNetworks 2000

Clusterball is an online sport, designed to invoke the same adrenaline rush as Quake and Unreal, but replacing the splatter and gore with pure gameplay. By combining the feel and gaming experience from ball, flight and racing games, Clusterball is totally unlike anything you've ever seen before. The player flies a ship through an open landscape, in which he/she can pick up balls from designated tracks. When balls have been acquired they form a visable chain behind the ship. The chain allows other players to assess the value of another player's ball chain, both in the game environment and on the radar screen. As it increases in length and value, the chain increases the ships drag factor, gradually slowing it down. The balls in the chain represent only a potential score until they are flown through the ring shaped goal in the Clusterball arena. They then disappear and are converted to points.
Level Demo v1.30 ~14MB ( @
ISO Demo ~174MB (by Scaryfun)
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