Code RED: Battle For Earth COR Entertainment 2002

CodeRED is a standalone game made using the (now open-source) Quake 2 engine. It features 20 single-player levels spanning 3 episodes plus 6 multiplayer deathmatch levels. The game has tons of new alien and robotic enemies, and 10 powerful weapons. It looks original and is a different experience and mood than Quake 2. The graphics are very good, if not breathtaking. The explosions look great, as do the burning skeletons. Your enemies look a little like the aliens from "Mars Attacks!" (and you can get a mod from the author's site that makes them look even more like the ones from the movie). The wall and gun models are also fairly good. There is no music in CodeRED but the sound effects are top-notch, from the blaster sounds to the sirens.
Free Game v4.0 136MB (uploaded by Aiutamici)

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