Codename Eagle Infinite Loop, Refraction Games / Talonsoft, Take 2 1999

In 1917, danger comes out of Russia. The czar is murdered and his son hungry for power steps into his place. He arms Russia and attacks the neighboring countries and conquers them. After years of bloody wars in this parallel universe, a majority of Europe is subjugated. And here the player (after the grand intro sequence) enters into the events. One is a member of a special unit, the Shadow Command. As the best man (one has the name of Red), one must weaken behind hostile lines the Russian military machinery. The missions take place about 99% outside. One can use many vehicles, e.g.: motorcycle, tank, truck and airplanes - all with different executions. The missions offer many subtasks. At the beginning one must penetrate, for instance, into an airfield area. For this one also needs an enemy uniform and papers, so you must get that too. Alternatively one also can go in and blast everything to save time... Also there are tools, like metal claws, gas can (cars use gasoline and must be filled up), and repair kits for damaged vehicles. Graphically the sceneries are rather empty. The engine seems to be a flight sim (and one notices that even so it is difficult to use an airplane though) which is also used for the ground scenes. The opponents, when they are farther away seem over and over again only 1 millimeter thick. Only if they come near, they become polygon figures. Unfortunately, they are also silly, cannot shoot while runnning (though that is somewhat realistic). But because they rush at the player, they are easy prey. Indeed also the different tasks which one has to do like in the first mission, sound interesting but in a lot of details they only irritate. One must load a crate. Moreover one simply goes with the truck to the box and boom it is loaded. In mission 2 one must fly an airplane. How much time you have left remains a secret (one starts with the normal movement keys (w, s, a, d)), but later can only use the arrow keys (at other end of the keyboard). In 3 missions one gets a sniper's gun whose zoom function remains a secret, until one keeps pressing on the weapon key (after one has selected it). In the end, in mission 5 (of 12) one must by an airplane bomb bridges. A venture on which I barely stretched out the available weapons. Indeed the game offers an outside perspective in thirdpperson vies with which one can also play the whole game, but it is impractical. I never succeeded with this mission the bridge to hit or to determine what I did to release the bomb too early or too late. Codename Eagle is rather creative with some ideas, but all in all there are countless frustrating places and contradictions. The story progresses later through the use of old trimmed drawn photos and spoken parts, but it does not carry your interest. To Red it's revealed at beginning by mission 4 which it the real czar's son... I for my part got goosebumps (but not enthusiasm to continue). Whoever likes using different vehicles and has an angel's patience, will maybe enjoy Codename Eagle but I have stopped with mission 5 and forgot the game without any trouble.
Singleplayer Demo ~34MB Multiplayer Demo ~31MB ( @
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 1  2 
Multiplayer Demo v1.43 + Extra Maps 57MB (uploaded by Codename Eagle Nation)
Full Demo (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo 541MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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