Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising Rage Games Ltd. / Interplay Entertainment Corp. 2001

The year is 2032. The world is at peace, after having banished war in the final battle long ago. All weapons have been destroyed to ensure peace. However, in the Pacific, a cabal of former magnates: ex-leaders, ex-tycoons, ex-military, and more, have joined together and occupied 20 islands and is building new war machines. There is no way to fight them, except this one last remaining "Adaptive Cruiser", the Antaeus. Lost in the final battle with all hands, this was one of the ultimate weapons. Complete with nano-factories that can build air/ground/naval units out of resources and energy. Its crew's memory engrams have been stored on "soulcatcher" chips.Reactivation signal has been sent. Soon Antaeus will rise from the bottom, and you'll be in command. Good luck, and good hunting. This is a 3D real-time strategy game with several new twists. You will need to harvest resources as you can only build new units by harvesting existing resources/energy. You then "crew" these units with these "soulcatcher" profiles you have stored. As you have limited profiles (you can't "copy" them) available you are limited in the number of units you can deploy at once. You will need to defend your cruiser as well as attack the enemy, obtain resources, and other missions. The game is mission-based. Destroy enemy radar to prevent them from knowing where you are. Deploy harvester unit to salvage enemy remains and structures. You can even capture enemy units for study. You can issue pretty complicated orders by using a set of visual icons. Multiple islands have multiple objectives for you to complete. The game is played in a 3D "behind-unit" perspective with a 3D map similar to Activision's Battlezone.
Level Demo 111MB (uploaded by CNET
ISO Demo 553MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Good Old Games ISO Demo 542MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
UK AlcoholClone ISO Demo 648MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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