Codename Outbreak (Venom) GSC Game World / Virgin Interactive 2001

Codename Outbreak (formerly called Venom) is a tactical shooter showing good improved graphics for outer areas plus complex buildings. This is realised through the licensed ZL engine. It's a team 2 player challenge game and it's possible (function key F4) to swap the player sides at anytime...if the partner hasn't died of course. Also with function keys (F5 and F8) it's possible to exchange simple orders or commands with the other player. The outer districts can be explored at day or night time which then also results in different graphical and game-play development. The story: A comet is discovered in space which heads to Earth and bursts into thousand of little fragments close to Earth's atmosphere. Those fragments morph to human kind of aliens and every Earth human getting in contact with them will become under their mental control. Because of lost contact to a laboratory which was doing research on those fragments, this hero team is sent in to solve this mystery. During missions the players will go to different places like deserts, tropical islands, Siberian swamps, aircraft carriers, rocket launcher platforms, city districs and other complex buildings. The team has the possibility to choose at every mission start their weapons, protection clothes and different personnel. When a player is chosen more often, his abilities grow and improve which has to be strategically played together with the equipment choices. Codename Outbreak offers a nice story but sadly without any real surprises. Often a level isn't finished after reaching the target position because of mission updates and changes during the storyline, and mostly the action lacks surprises. The levels are detailed and diverse and some are really nice to look at. But, the game is limited to 14 missions and 2 of them could have been played in the demo already. In skill level "normal" it's possible without big complications to solve a level within an hour and so its a relatively short gameplay. Also the outro, compared with the cool game intro, is rather disappointing but i am going to play the demo and the full Codename Outbreak by night again. In summary, I liked Codename Outbreak. It was much fun but I would have liked more missions and the game gives away some potential at some points which shouln't be.
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Final Demo 98MB (uploaded by ModDB)
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dgVoodoo2 to run game on Windows 10 (uploaded by Terje_P)
Full Demo ~185MB (upped by keropi)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v. 508MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
CloneCD ISO Demo 656MB (upped by Shattered)
Win7 fix 671kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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