Splatterball Plus Mythic Entertainment 1999

Originally, Splatterball was a popular paintball-style online game provided by AOL and GameStorm services beginning in 1997. It was one of the first successful massively multiplayer online shooters. Splatterball was a capture the flag format and was played in one of four virtual arenas: Splat Lake, Splat Park, Castle and Splat West. Players could score team flag points by keeping the flag on base, and could score personal points by shooting other players with various virtual paintball guns (the Pistol, the Burst Gun, the Balloon gun and the Rifle). The type of paintball gun utilized was a personal preference, though most highly ranked players preferred the Balloon gun. Splatterball later had a sequel known as Splatterball Plus on a separate proprietary gaming service run by Mythic Entertainment. Players could enjoy unlimited play for a flat fee of around 10 dollars a month. It was shut down in 2006 shortly after Electronic Arts bought developer Mythic Entertainment.
Splatterball Plus - Free Game (uploaded by Shocking Games)
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Full Demos - beta, v1.0, Splatterball Plus v0.61 11MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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