Collapse: The Rage [Ru] Creoteam / Buka Entertainment 2010

This is a continuation of the exciting game COLLAPSE and with it the continuation of the story of brave warrior Rodan. Your own anomaly starts to disintegrate into many small fragments, thereby populating the perimeter with new, terrible monsters. Politicians make decisions with the military to mop up the perimeter and destroy everything in it that's alive. Rodan is a hostage of war between the three fires, monsters and gangs. His life is in danger. Everything depends only on himself. Can he get out of this hell alive and well? The game features the possibility of powering up the main character. There will be new characters, new locations, and new game modes. The hero will be able to enter into a state of "Rage". There's also improved graphics and sound effects.
Russian Standalone DVD ISO Demo 1.59GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Russian DVD ISO Demo with updated crack 1.88GB+166MB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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