Combat Arms Doobic Studios / Nexon 2008

Combat Arms is a free to play, online multiplayer first-person shooter. It features a wide range of stages, multiple weapons, customizable characters, and exciting gameplay. You can also customize your weapon, form clans, and see how your skills stack up against other players with our robust stat-tracking and player profile system. It's a game that's easy to learn, and hard to master. But you have to pay for some weapons and such. On June/2017, an overhauled version titled Combat Arms: Reloaded was released that was better looking and more competitive than ever. Fight your way to the top featuring a fresh experience while preserving the classic Combat Arms values. The updated graphics engine, among many other improvements, provides higher-resolution textures, better lighting effects, and real-time shadows. Find worthy opponents in two clicks! No more browsing room lists and no more unbalanced matches. Fight your way to the top with the brand-new Ranked Matchmaking system and crank it into overdrive with the new "Hardcore" mode. Every important function is easily accessible thanks to the new customizable menu. Create shortcuts for your favorite features and fight your enemies, not the interface. Compete on an even battlefield thanks to new, well-balanced gear and rebalanced classics. Your skill determines your path to fame and glory. Fully customize your play style by earning Game Points and using them to acquire permanent equipment that fits your strategy. From Assault Rifles to Supply Crates, your skill can earn you everything you need to dominate the competition. In July/2018, Combat Arms Classic was released for players who preferred the original version. An English version was released on Steam in July/2020.
Combat Arms Reloaded - Free Client (uploaded by Official Site)
Combat Arms Reloaded - Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)
Combat Arms Classic - Arabic Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)
Combat Arms: The Classic - Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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