MegaRace Cryo Interactive Entertainment / Software Toolworks, Inc., The 1993

In the not so distant future, the entire world has been engulfed and mesmerized by virtual reality. Everyone's wildest dreams can come true thanks to this stunning technology. That's why Virtual World Broadcast Television's new show MegaRace is so popular and one of the highest ranked television shows currently running. Hosted by Lance Boyle, contestants, or Enforcers choose a vehicle and go head to head against gang members and their goons. They compete for glory and prizes in a world filled with various racetracks built around cites, power plants, aquatic seas and more. But this isn't the reason the show is so popular--what's the fun in regular racing? That's why there's virtual weapons, such as oil slicks and missiles to thrill the vast audience of watchers. It's violent, it's chaotic, it's fast and it's ultimately thrilling. But of course, no one gets hurt--or do they? MegaRace is a 3rd person racer and features over 15 tracks with fully rendered backdrops, turns, weapons and more. There's over 20 minutes of FMV sequences with the over-the-top, exciting and humorous (or numbingly annoying) host Lance Boyle. Add to that a thundering soundtrack and ultra smooth and fast gameplay and you've got one wild experience at your hands. Remember: watch your back, stay focused on the road and most importantly, don't let the ratings drop. MegaRace was inspired by virtual reality. In a way, it's a sarcastic view of a world obsessed with this technology. It depicts all the bad things that could happen and how mindless we would all become if we let virtual reality run our lives. Not only this, but the game also pokes fun at a society addicted to television. This game came with some Packard Bell computers in the early to mid 90's.
UK ISO Demo 735MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
GOG ISO Demo v2.1.0.9 390MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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