Conflict: Desert Storm 2 - Back to Baghdad Pivotal Games / SCI 2003

Desert Storm 2 takes place in 1990. Set during the first Gulf War, the four squad members of either the British 22nd SAS or the US Army Delta Force must battle their way through ten missions. The player can control one member at a time but can also give remote commands to other squad members. It is possible for two players to play simultaneously, each controlling two soldiers. The player can use different tactics, such as focusing on a head on approach or by using stealth against a variety of forces from the Iraqi military. The player is not limited to the original arsenal, and may appropriate enemy weapons and munitions. Different orders, such as "follow me" or "fire at will" can be given to the soldiers not being controlled by the player (who can switch control between them at will). Starting in Al-Hadar, the squad must link up with a delta team trapped in the city. After rendezvousing with the delta sergeant, two deltas are killed in the mortar strike as the squad heads to the communication bunker. There they must protect three deltas from the Iraqi forces before they and the sergeant are evacuated. The squad are then sent to take out a communication base and are captured, leading to a break out. The squad must then take out a chemical facility where Scud missiles are being filled with sarin gas and must help the 2nd Marine Division secure a refinery which has been taken over and is to be destroyed. The squad then support the securing of Kuwait City airport to allow air superiority and take the Bradley and fight to the artillery in the port and call in air strikes to destroy them.

1 Mission Demo 216MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2CD ISO Demo 1.29GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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