Conflict: Global Terror / Conflict Global Storm Pivotal Games / 2K Games / Sales Curve Interactive 2005

This fourth game in the "Conflict" series takes it into the 21st century. Set within the modern day context of counter-terrorism, the game, using a 100% rebuilt engine, boasts radically enhanced graphics, improved order system, highly detailed characters, hi-tech weaponry and is a clear generation above previous installments. A new force in global terrorism, 'March 33', is emerging. Descendents from the ODESSA Nazis, and vehement in their task to bring about a new world order, they embark on a campaign of extreme violence and intimidation. Tasked with defeating March 33 is a rapid response counter-terrorist unit: Bradley, Jones, Connors and Foley - the heroes from the original Conflict: Desert Storm games are back. Having been betrayed by a mole within their own command unit they are ambushed and, covering their escape, Foley goes MIA. They must enlist the help of sniper Carrie Sherman to uncover March 33's plans and force the mole to show its true colours. The game features a totally overhauled character appearance with incredibly detailed uniforms and faces. Superior enemy AI. Terrorists now use cover points and attack and retreat tactics in the same way a human player would. The most varied Conflict gameplay yet, takes the fight to real political hotspots around the world. Greatly improved character behaviour includes vaulting over objects and walls and climbing through windows. Also, an all new physics engine has ultra-realistic rag-doll effects.
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Level Demo 358MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo ~473MB Movies Addon ~121MB (upped by Scaryfun)
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Multi-5 European SecuROM Clone DVD ISO Demo 1.80GB (uploaded by Molitor)
3CD ISO Demo 1.84GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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