Stars: Cold Toys / Cold Stars [Ru] Quazar Studio / Akella 2009

This game is based on the novels, penned by one of the best Russian science fiction writers of our time - Sergei Lukyanenko. In deep space, the center of our galaxy's race geometry, the masters of space, are faced with something that for the first time in his stories, could not be understood. Unable to even describe it is something the Geometricians called - Shadow. Top racing scouts are lost in the mysterious gates with the best pilots killed in battles with previously unknown machines. Wanting to know anything about his enemy, Geometry decide on the organization of the urgent research campaign on the outlying areas of Shadows, tentatively named "Sector 7". Green light initiators receive all conceivable missions, including what long was in the "soft" scientific, social, economic and political disgrace non-human anthropology professor Don Brun. With meager resources and under strict control, the scientist who led the expedition was to get to the very beginning of Shadows and find out the truth about it and its creators. The hero of the game, Nick Riemer, is a long-range reconnaissance pilot homeland planet. Due to circumstances, his ship is the only defense of the expedition of Don Bruno. Together with Yualoy of Flexible race, Professor Don Brun, and scout Lene Fogh, he will fight enemies, reveal the secrets of the mysterious sector and be an unwitting witness to the tragedy of of a hopeless country. It features a deep plot in 8 chapters, which tells about the search for the mysterious civilization Shadow. It has free movement and you perform tasks in the framework of the chapter. There's great graphics, recreating a majestic atmosphere of space, and spectacular dynamic battles. Manage and choose any of the 11 ships of various races. Characters and enemies of various civilizations - Geometry, Terminators, flexible, silent, solid, Rerriku.
Russian DVD ISO Demo 5.04GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Custom Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.15GB (uploaded by Molitor)
English menu patch (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 12MB

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