Tarr Chronicles: Sign of Ghosts Quazar Studio / CDV Software Entertainment USA, Inc. 2007

In Tarr Chronicles humanity is at war with an alien race. The player flies a space ship and is part of an expedition to retrieve an important artifact but just before the goal they get attacked by aliens. The fleet survives the battle but the mother ship gets damage which causes it to malfunction during the next hyper jump - and an odyssey begins... The story is told by written journal entries and conversations during the missions. The game is divided into nine missions which basically consist of to killing a lot of enemies together with AI ships while flying to a certain point. The controls are action oriented; almost all actions regarding moving and attacking can be performed with the mouse. Of course the player can also use a joystick. Before every mission he has also the possibility to customize his ship by using different parts which he receives after missions, e.g. weapon systems, shields or trunks. Every item has a certain weight and energy consumption which limits the player's creativity. If the player is not satisfied with the item variety he can enter the workshop and create his own - the needed resources are gained by disassembling other parts. Game features: beautiful surrealistic space and spectacular battles; 9 unique missions, connected by a deeply detailed storyline; create your own spaceship, combining various parts and equipment: more than 150 unique wings, engines, cannons, rockets and other subsystems; companions which give helpful advice and fighting together with you.
DVD ISO Demo 1.16GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Level Demo 479MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Clone DVD ISO Demo 1.10GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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