Shadow Company: The Mercenary War [K] Doobic Game Studios / CJ E&M, Netmarble 2013

Developed using Unreal Engine 3 this free-to-play MOFPS has high quality graphics, also weather effects, dynamic lighting effects and realistic character animation. In a fictional story set in the near future, world order is decided by mega corporations who are in fierce competition and hire Mercenaries to take the lead. Players choose their mercenary between four characters and select special abilities, such as First Aid, Sprint, Quick Reload, Death Trap and many more, as well as a Tactical Support Skills, such as UVA Drone, Ghost, F-16 Cluster Bomb, Chopper, Turrets, Gunship and many more. It features more than 7 game modes: Black Money, Team DeathMatch, Search & Destroy, Battle Squad, Zombie Mode, Shotgun Mode and Domination. In Battle Squad Mode up to 4 teams and maximum 6 teamplayers in one map. In Squad Modes efficient teamplay decides the match: a player is knocked down and can be revived by teammates, unless he was headshot, within 15 secs after impact. 4 teams with up to 6 players pit against each other to retain possession of a money bag. In the Zombie Mode the objective is to infect all humans, if the player turned into a zombie or to kill all zombies. Min. 6 players and max. 24 players can join a Zombie Mode match. Four mercenary characters can be equipped with more than 9 passive abilities, 10 weapon abilities and 7 Tactical Support Skills. The game was shut down on December 31/2013.
Download: None currently available

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