Crime Cities Techland / EON Digital Entertainment / Strategy First 2000

Crime Cities casts you as Garm Tiger, a cop who's been sent to a planetary system called Pandemia. It is 16 light years from Earth, and it's been partly converted into a penal colony by "The Federation." Tiger's primary objective is to locate a missing undercover agent, but he's also been given the task of learning all he can about the recent increase in organized crime activities and the potential for terrorism that might result. You'll spend the entire game inside the cockpit of a flyer, taking on jobs you pick up from the ICNB. The ICNB is a "virtual job center" that can be accessed by cops, robbers, anarchists & terrorists. When you complete an assignment, you'll earn a specified number of credits used to improve your craft with new weapons and shields and a new look in case you've mistakenly broken the law by firing on civilians or cops. The plot is slowly revealed as you play the game. These revelatory tidbits appear in the form of e-mails. Unfortunately, dogfighting in a bustling metropolis just isn't much fun after constantly slamming into buildings and slow-moving vehicles, and the controls are complicated as well. However on the good side, it might very well have the most simultaneously moving 3D objects ever crammed into a game when it was released. Literally hundreds of flying cars, buses, limos, and cops weave through the canyonlike avenues of each city at various altitudes, posing a constant hazard for anyone who's busy dealing with a dozen gang members. It was re-released in 2003 in North America by Strategy First.
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Level Demo ~85MB ( @
Full Demo ~86MB (upped by keropi)
2CD ISO Demo ~916MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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