Hover Tank 3D Martin Crownover 2006

Hover Tank 3D (no relation to id Software's game) is a tank vs. tank game where you duel the enemy through various modes of play and numerous arenas. It was created with Game Maker 6.1 with resolution 800 x 600 full screen. It features: 4 modes of play for the single player, including Missions, Deathmatch, Power War, and Capture the Flag; 41 different arenas, each with a different look and layout; 2 learning modes, a tutorial and target practice; Tank customization, including your tank color, and player name, which is all saved for later use; Full range of options to tweak gameplay, graphics, and audio settings; Statistics tracking and saving accross all single player modes; 3D graphics, with realtime lighting.
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 14MB

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