Sanctum 2: The Last Stand DLC Coffee Stain Studios 2013

This is the last $4 DLC which is also contained in the Season Pass. Return to the Arc Islands for The Last Stand. Lume activity has increased exponentially and you and your fellow Core Guardians find yourselves more outnumbered than ever. Even out the odds by Utilizing the new Orbital Strike Relay tower and smash down a lazer from the sky into their FACE. Defend the Core on four new maps, one of them being a remake of the classic old Arc map. To help you face the new enemies in The Last Stand, the Bright Foundation has placed the most powerful weapon you've seen so far on three of the four new maps - The Rolfinator Defensive Turret, a turret that you can actually jump inside yourself and control to obliterate the enemies from afar. Of course, you'll have other new weapons as well, such as the high-tech Smatterband, an industrial weapon that fires sticky bombs that erupt into 10 smaller explosions each, and you'll get to unlock 8 new perks.
included in Sanctum 2: Complete Pack - DVD ISO Demo 2.56GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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