Dark Apes: The Fate Of Devolution IncaGold / Wolfgroup 2005

It is the year 1930. All over the world, well financed expeditions were starting into remote regions of the planet. The expedition of Professor Dr. Flemming was stopped after a storm on a remote island chain near Sumatra. The researcher thinks himself lucky because he is the first human who reaches this jungle but soon he won't be so happy. Something very old and evil holds the island in its spell. The box of Pandorra is opened and the pain of a thousand damned souls goes around the world. But it is too late for prayers. Mankind has fallen into a cradle of horror. From the crown of creation apes have mutated and from this civilization rises an arena of blood thirst. John Perkins places himself alone to the fight against overwhelming odds. This German game was released in a few European countries.
German Level Demo ~174MB (@ FreeGames.de)
Full Demo 125MB (uploaded by Egon68)
German/English ISO Demo ~176MB (thanks to MasteromaN & upped by Scaryfun)
English Gamersgate Digital ISO Demo 177MB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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