Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Arkane Studios / UbiSoft Entertainment 2006

This game puts players in a first-person perspective, allowing them to immerse themselves in the legendary Might and Magic universe as never before. It is also the world's first fantasy action game to feature a complete first-person combat system. Players will be introduced to the world of Ashan, the new setting for all future Might & Magic games. Ashan is a dark and unforgiving world, scarred by a bloody history and threatened by an apocalyptic prophecy: the Dark Messiah. Players will embody the young hero Sareth, who has been trained in the arts of magic and war in order to battle the prophetic Dark Messiah. Players will have the choice to become expert warriors, mages or assassins, each with their own cache of devastating weapons and spells to use in battling huge and vicious enemies. Through combat, players will unlock new skills and equipment, advancing Sareth's experience and improving his performance, battle combos, hits, spells and techniques and setting his course for his destiny. Using an enhanced Source engine to create the forces of Evil in 12 huge levels, you fight them with the help of over 40 different weapons and dozens of devastating spells. Engage in hand-to-hand combat with swords, bows, staffs and other daggers, or summon magic to combat the legions of darkness and sneak in the shadows to attack by surprise wicked creatures. Explore the secluded region of Ashan, where fearless orcs, wild goblins, dreadful undeads, elusive trolls, gigantic dragons and many other creatures stunning in both size and depravity. There's also a revolutionary and fascinating multiplayer mode: join the humans or the undead and choose from four categories of characters. Participate in combats involving up to 32 players, in various game modes, from deathmatch to the revolutionary "Evolution" mode, which enables the player to accumulate experience and gather new equipment across dynamic online campaigns. Special Collector's Edition includes: the game itself, grained paper map of the multiplayer world (EMEA release), collectible character cards (US release), unique in-game extras (one multiplayer character skin, four single-player weapons), bonus DVD: The making of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, official game soundtrack, official trailers for the game.

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SP Level Demo 1.42GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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Collector Edition Clone 2DVD ISO Demo 9.29GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Collector Edition 2DVD ISO Demo 7.1GB+1.93GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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