Half-Life: Counter-Strike Valve / Sierra 1998

After Valve already with a patch provided Team Fortress for free, an independent developer team came up with "Counter-Strike" which deepened the teamwork of Fortress still essentially. One is either as a terrorist or as counter-terrorist in the game. Weapons, ammunition and equipment must be bought (in each case different ones, depending on which side one plays). One has at first a low start capital that it is a matter to invest wisely. Subsequently one receives money for victories and partial successes. Every killed enemy brings money to your account, but especially the mission purposes bring money (as just surviving won't retain equipment gained). As a terrorist it is a matter, for instance, of laying bombs in certain places and one should prevent this as a counter-terrorist. However, the bombs do not explode immediately - one must cover the area some seconds as there may come a counter-terrorist and defuse the bomb. However, mostly it is a matter of guarding as a terrorist some hostages who will be released by the anti-terror troop. Sometimes the terrorists also must try to flee from an area. Also, the maps are very different. For instance, an Italian place, a forest, a 747 plane, or the icy tundra - for practically every taste there is something present. And Counter-Strike is developed constantly. In the beta 7.0 vehicles were implented (a tank within a level could deal a crushing blow to CT's but mostly will not succeed because of the anti-tank protections). Counter-Strike went over in the version 1.0 to be a full product. Now there is a standalone retail version but the same mod version of CS still remains free of charge to be downloaded on the internet by Half-Life owners. With the version 1.1 patch, they tried to reduce the susceptibility against exploits and cheats like the speed hack and others. Whoever now wants to play in a safe environment where nobody cheats could play with the tool Punkbuster in the background (on suitable servers who will throw out anyone without the program running in the background. Also the anti-tank weapon was defused due to it being too strong and too simply caused multiple frags (which was not the purpose it was intended for). Different levels were modified to make them better playable. The models received more polygons and look better now as one piece. Also a spectator view was inserted, so that one even can watch easily and get later back into the game. Counter-Strike fascinates with its realism. Before version 1.60, players could personally update the version by themselves. It was originally played online through the WON gaming service, but WON shutdown in 2004, while Valve introduced its own online content delivery system which forced players to switch to Steam. In March 2007, Valve implemented mandatory advertisements through Steam in official maps and in the game's GUI overhead. It remains since its release, the most popular online shooter and is often used for competitive tournaments. If one buys for himself no protection vest, one is killed even more easily. Often one shot is enough and one is dead and must wait until a new mission is started (barely more than 5 minutes). For those just learning it can be a bit intimidating, but for all those who like teamplay Counterstrike is a must play!

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v1.6 newest working on steam 252MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
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Beta Demos (@ BetaStrike.de)
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Mod Conversions
Full Demo ( @ ModDB - requires Half-Life)
Standalone Full Demo v1.6 ~567MB (upped by 3Spot)NOTES: non-steam version playable in LAN
Full Demo v1.6 V40.1 ~361MB (upped by 3Spot)NOTES: playable on the NET
Half-Life Generation 3CD ISO Demo includes HL, Opposing Force, and Counterstrike 1.38GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Half-Life Generation 3 - 4CD ISO Demo includes HL, Opposing Force, Counterstrike, and Blue Shift 2.18GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Standalone Retail - Clone ISO Demo ~495MB (provided by dead-meat & uploaded by Scaryfun)
Counter-Strike for Girls Full Demo (contains girl models) 260MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
Full Demo v1.6 (No Steam) 37MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Browser-Playable Free Game v1.6 (uploaded by CS-ONLINE.CLUB)

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