MechWarrior 4: Vengeance FASA Studio / Microsoft Games 2000

This game was developed by designers from FASA, the company that originated the board game. It's been less than two years since the last game in the series was released, but this is still a significant step forward, graphically with the mission maps being varied and appropriately decorated with trees and buildings look much better than the relatively desolate maps of MechWarrior 3. Also, because of the addition of smaller vehicles such as tanks and missile launchers, MechWarrior 4 effectively conveys the sense that you're piloting something really enormous. It has an expanded single player campaign that contains more than 30 missions where you play as the sole heir of the House Dresari, and you are tasked with restoring Davion rule in your homeworld of Kentares IV. Starting from a secret base on a moon orbiting the planet, the campaign takes you through arctic, alpine, desert, and swamp environments before ending in a series of titanic clashes in an urban jungle. The cutscenes between missions are acted out fairly well and move the story along nicely, while the various lancemates available to choose from have well-developed personalities and notable strengths and weaknesses in combat. The key to the campaign is salvaging destroyed enemy hardware as you go along so that little by little you get to design new mechs for use in subsequent missions though levels are fairly easy. In designing your own mech to test it against those designed by others in the proving ground of multiplayer combat, the mech chassis restricts you to choosing from certain weapons on particular mechs by differentiating between types of weapon hard points. The game's multiplayer support is excellent, and there are many game types to choose from, with one of the most popular being team attrition, where two teams of mechs score points for killing each other and inflicting damage within a given time limit. Another is team destruction, where the focus is on kills only; capture the flag and king of the hill are also available. The mechs seem somewhat easier to pilot and the game strikes a virtually perfect blend of pure action and simulation. Combat is fast, furious, and intense, but shrewd tactics and skillful piloting will greatly increase your longevity on the battlefield.

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Singleplayer Level Demo ~67MB ( @
2CD ISO Demo 1.11GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Fan-Made Maps

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