Postal 2 Running With Scissors / Whiptail Interactive 2003

Postal 2 is no usual 3D-Shooter, because in this game you do not take over the role of a classic hero the usual villains take on. You are "Postal Dude", an embodiment rather of an antihero. His purpose is explained relatively fast: in one week (5 days) survive and accomplish certain goals (buy milk, get your salary check, visit Gary Coleman). This may seem relatively simple sounding if one thinks that the Postal Dude lives in a small, sleepy suburb somewhere in the dusty part of America. However, nothing as expected runs smoothly, if anything can go wrong it does ... The bank is robbed during your visit, the Dude's workplace is stormed by Protestants, etc.

"This game is not to be recommended!" many will probably think of the games Postal or Postal 2 just by a description of them. No kidding, because the games' representation is about the same. Heads are cut off with shovels , people break down after electroshock therapies, urinate and beg around where you live, cats are used as a gun silencers, decapitated heads can be used as a football etc. The game has even more fully perverted imagination and sick humor. However, this is not yet everything, because in the game also appears a lot of groups (Homosexuals, Indians, Arabs) which are made fun of. Especially perverse is the option to touch the button of your trousers to be let down and to urinate. The in-game figures behave mainly realistically, for example: people stand in queue in a bank and talk on the street, or policemen open fire if you don't follow their instructions. Postal 2 uses for graphics Epic's Unreal Warfare engine and it's noticeable. As with Unreal 2 there are nice fire effects and subjects behave physically (almost always) properly. Unfortunately, the level design often leaves a lot to be desired, houses look too unauthentic and repetitive and the loading time between the too small surroundings is still too long. (Review by Enrique-Portuondo Ochoa)

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1-Level Demo 123MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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Clone ISO Demo 667MB (uploaded by Meddle)
Full Demo v1337 293MB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
Postal 2 + Addons - Custom ISO Demo 4.66GB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Postal 2 - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.10 2.74GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Postal 2 - MAC GOG Digital ISO Demo v1.0.0.10 1.10GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Full Demo 502MB (uploaded by BigBoxG13)
Postal 2 - Steam US v5022 with Corkscrew Rules Standalone Full Demo 1.71GB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Postal 2 + Postal 2: Paradise Lost - Full Demo + Update 1 (Build 1417 Hotfix 1/4444 Hotfix 1) 2.48GB (uploaded by oldman)
included in Postal RUnlimited Edition - Ru/Eng ISO Demo 5.67GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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