Zaero Add-On Pack for Quake II Team Evolve / Macmillan Digital 1998

In this single-player Quake 2 expansion pack you get 14 interconnected levels, 4 new enemies including hellhounds, laser-toting cyborgs, fixed gun emplacements and a final boss. There are also new weapons such as a flare gun, infra-red trigger bomb, sonic cannon, sniper rifle, EMP Nuke and Armageddon 2000 suicide bomb. This pack is not as good as the earlier ones.
Level Demo 24MB (uploaded by
Full Demo ~88MB (upped by keropi)
Quake II: Ultimate Edition (includes Q2, Juggernaut, Ground Zero, Reckoning, Zaero, and Tournament) ~321MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
ISO Demo 141MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Clone ISO Demo 109MB (@FPS Legends)
included in Quake 2000 - Russian Bootleg ISO Demo (Quake v1.09, Quake: Shrak v2.0, Quake II v3.20, Quake II: Juggernaut, Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning, Quake II:Zaero, Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero, Quake III: Arena) 687MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
included in Quake 4 Special Edition - Fan-Edited 2DVD ISO Demo 3.04+1.69GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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